• Our Office is located at 4728 North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60640 USA
  • Becoming a Member: There are two types of Members in the Society of St Vincent de Paul - Active and Associate Members. Active Members are those who participate regularly in the prayer life, meetings, and person-to-person service of the poor. Active Members are Catholic, and are Members of a Conference. Men and women who would like to serve, but may not have the time to participate regularly in the meetings and works of the Conference, or are not Catholic, may join as Associate Members. In honor of the youthfulness of our founders, the Society welcomes Youth and Young Adult members as either Active or Associate Members.

If you seek to live your faith through works, to "love God", as St Vincent de Paul with the strength of your arms...." please consider joining us. We serve the poor in charity, but we are not an "agency".