The Society of St Vincent de Paul was founded by six college students and an older mentor in 1833.  From those humble beginnings, it has grown to become a network of charity encircling the globe.

Today, more than 800,000 members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul are serving those in need in their own communities in 155 countries.

Poverty and hardship can arrive suddenly, and with no warning. Most of our neighbors in need are hesitant to ask for help. Many have no idea "how it came to this". Members of the Society here in our parish, Mary, Mother of God personally visit our neighbors, pray with them, listen to them and help in any way we can.

As the Rule of the Society says,

"No work of charity is foreign to the Society."

Please consider joining our circle of friends.

The Mary, Mother of God/Society of St Vincent de Paul re-activated a conference that was first established at Saint Ita in 1933.  The current members of the Society have over 25 years' experience and are ready to collaborate with other people of good will in relieving need and addressing its causes, making no distinction in those we serve, because in them Vincentians see the face of Christ.